Domain Registration/ Renewal Terms and Conditions

THIS AGREEMENT is made between Forestedge Computer Solutions Ltd (the Company) and the person or company that has requested hosting services (the Client).


In consideration of the mutual covenants set forth in this Agreement, the Company and Client hereby agree as follows:

  1. Services

    The Company agrees to register/renew the domain name, as specified by the client.

  2. Ownership

    Where possible, the domain name shall be registered in the name of the Client. In all instances ownership of the domain is passed to the Client on payment of the Company’s fees, for the term of the renewal.

  3. Contact Details

    The Company reserve the right to use their contact details for domain registration to allow for administration purposes. This in no way affects ownership.

  4. Payment

    Payment for the domain is due before domain renewal or registration. The Company takes no responsibility for loss of domain name in the event of non-payment.

  5. Renewal

    Renewal is on an annual or two yearly basis, depending on the domain. The length or term is decided by the Company.

  6. Cancellation

    The Company require a minimum of 30 days’ notice to cancel a domain. Cancellation will only prevent domain renewal.  A domain cannot be cancelled mid-term.  No refund can be given on a domain registration or renewal under any circumstances.

  7. Liability

    The Company accepts no liability for any content displayed on the domain.


Each party represents and warrants that, they are authorized to enter into this Agreement.

A request to register a domain and/or payment of your domain registration/renewal invoice will be taken as your acceptance of this agreement.