Key Points/ FAQs

It is crucial you read all of our terms and conditions carefully since payment of our fees is taken as acceptance of them.

This page is designed to help explain some of them and is to be read in addition of them.  We hope the following may help make some of the key points a bit easier to understand.



  • This is what people type in to locate your website.  It is like a phone number – how people reach you.
  • You could register this yourself, in which case you need to be able to change settings on it when we request.  However we will charge a premium for this due to the extra work it causes and cannot be held responsible for problems with the website due to domain service problems.  Or we can register it for you, this is usually done in your name.  This way we deal with renewal and any setting changes for you.
  • If you do not pay to renew your domain it will expire and allows someone else the opportunity to buy it.


  • This is what you pay to keep a website live on the internet.  It is a bit like paying line rental for a phone but instead for the internet.  It allows you to use your domain.
  • We usually charge hosting payment annually and up front.  Payment of hosting fees commits you to 12 months service.  If you decide you no longer need or want your website you aren’t automatically entitled to a refund.


  • When we design/ build a website for you we will use the technologies we feel most appropriate for your needs.
  • Whilst you own and are responsible for all the content on your website, we own and are responsible for the way and means by which it’s displayed.  We are not selling you a website and all it’s building blocks, we are providing one for you to use.
  • If you no longer wish to host your website with us you are not entitled to have a copy of the website, or for us to transfer the website as a whole over to you.  You may however, obviously, copy your own content from the website.


  • You are responsible for supplying the content for your website, although we are happy to help and guide you on request.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure you have permission to use any content, including pictures on your website.  Using content you don’t have permission to use could result in you being charged or prosecuted by the copyright holder.


  • As a business we have overhead costs and unfortunately cannot afford to provide a service for free.  So put simply if you don’t pay us it is likely your website or email will cease to work.
  • You are required to pay us within 30 days of the invoice date.